Bulletin 50 – Summer 2020

Dear Readers,

Climatic changes, drought among other things, are definitely a threat we are all facing. In the Czech Republic at the moment, however, this does not seem to be the case. It is June, but summer seems to have forgotten to come. The heat that would often start to get quite intense at this time of year is nowhere to be found, not in our country. It just keeps raining, on and on. At least up until now. That is great news for the nature!

The world is still very much focused on the “Chinese virus”, let us hope it is slowly starting to lose its power; we are very grateful that our country managed to cope with the epidemic quite well and wish the same to the people from the countries around us. Let us keep the whole affected world in our prayers.

It is almost hard to believe how the pandemic really brought out the best in our society, people have clung together, started sewing face masks at home and giving them away to anyone who needed them, healthcare workers have been working round the clock, and the same applies to many social workers, nurses in elderly people’s homes and many others.

In this context, I think it is also important to mention priests: the ministers of the ECCB, but also of other churches. Although Sunday services could not take place, ministers actually had more work than the usual: to make sure the word of God reaches out to everyone even when churches are closed, Sunday services were broadcast online. And let’s not forget, this year’s Easter took place in the middle of the pandemic!

Some of the texts in this edition of the Bulletin also deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. I would also like to draw your attention to an article in which one of the ECCB’s ministers describes his ongoing stay with the Church of Scotland, in Lockerbie. The situation isn’t easy for him, either – he, too, has been preparing online Sunday services, dealing with all the technical aspects, preparing the lyrics…

Dear friends, my wish for all of us is that the this pandemic frenzy is over as soon as possible, so we can spend the summer freely and meaningfully.

Peace be with us all.

On behalf of tJana_Pliskovahe Editorial Board

Jana Plíšková

Words and Actions Under One Roof. Founding of the Jan Amos Komenský Centre

Přístavba a původní budovaThe ECCB’s congregation in Přeštice dates back to the period after WWI. The first Sunday service took place in autumn 1921, sixty people attended. The number of the church’s members kept increasing and soon reached several hundred. The one who contributed most to the development of the congregation was its long-term minister and shepherd, Josef Francouz. However, from the very beginning, the congregation lacked an appropriate space that would serve both the Protestant congregation and the community of the town of Přeštice and its surroundings. The minister was continuously praying for a way to solve this problem. For a certain period of time, the congregation acquired the building of the synagogue and the adjacent house, but these were torn down in 1974. Under difficult conditions, they were then able to acquire a little house that served as the church, the manse and the parish house at the same time, but this was clearly just an emergency solution. Continue reading Words and Actions Under One Roof. Founding of the Jan Amos Komenský Centre

In the Times of the Pandemic

Students of the Evangelical Academy Náchod help  babysit the children of employees of the Náchod hospital

Náchod (4)In connection with the spread of the novel coronavirus, teaching was banned in schools as a result of the emergency measures in mid-March. On the very next day, the discussions about cooperation in babysitting were initiated between the district hospital and the Secondary Vocational School of Social and Health – the Evangelical Academy. Continue reading In the Times of the Pandemic

Round Table 2020. Foreign Partners To Support Projects Worth Over 8 Million CZK

DSC_6001From Wednesday, the 11th of March, to Thursday, the 12th of March 2020, a round table with our foreign partners took place at the ECCB’s Central Church Office in Prague. We are glad the meeting took place in spite of all the difficulties caused by the coronavirus-related restrictions.  Continue reading Round Table 2020. Foreign Partners To Support Projects Worth Over 8 Million CZK

Twenty years with Korean Christians in Kobylisy. Mutual enrichment with different traditions

oslava_02An integral part of the church in Prague-Kobylisy today is the community of Korean Christians. The first Korean families began to appear at services in the late 1990s, and in 1999, at the initiative of pastors Jiří Štorek and Jongsil Lee, the first services were celebrated together. Continue reading Twenty years with Korean Christians in Kobylisy. Mutual enrichment with different traditions

Money Collected by Churches Is Helping in Greece. The ECCB Has Sent a Near Million CZK

ilustrační (1)The funds raised in an extraordinary collection were sent to three organisations at the Chios and Lesbos islands, part of the money was sent to Aleppo, Syria. The total sum collected was over 930,000 CZK and will be used to buy food, medication and to provide necessary medical treatment. The money is primarily intended for two Greek organisations – Perichoresis and Chios People Kitchen, and also for the Czech branch of Médecins Sans Frontières. All of these organisations work on the Greek islands, inside the overcrowded refugee camps, and they use the donations to buy and distribute non-perishable food, medication, and to provide the necessary medical aid.  Continue reading Money Collected by Churches Is Helping in Greece. The ECCB Has Sent a Near Million CZK

The ECCB in the corona crisis

20200521_164124At the end of May 2020, social life in the Czech Republic is slowly awakening – after three months in a state of emergency that has paralyzed large parts of life here. Even if the pandemic of Covid-19 is far from over, it can begin to be assessed. What has the corona virus changed? Will there be any long-term changes that this virus will require of us? Many questions can only be answered temporarily or not at all. In this article, I would like to limit myself to a few observations in connection with the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren (ECCB). How did the ECCB deal with the crisis? Continue reading The ECCB in the corona crisis

The Coronavirus and the Prague Theology Faculty

ETF-budova-01Like everyone and everything else, the Prague Theology Faculty was heavily affected by the coronavirus epidemic. The Faculty building in Cerna Street remained practically empty from mid-March to mid-May 2020. However, students, teachers, and other staff continued working from home. Students also found time to help those affected by the coronavirus restrictions. Continue reading The Coronavirus and the Prague Theology Faculty