Diaconia Joined in the Net of Eurocarers and the Project Innovage

Diak1Diaconia ECCB joined in the European net of Eurocarers and the project of Innovage (InformCare). The goal is to bring important and complete information to people caring about their close ones via web platform. Information also focuses on the employers for whom it is important to understand the situation of the caregivers and meet their needs. The web platform includes information available in the 24 official languages of the European Union. The platform includes both universal content for the countries EU-27 and specific national content. Diaconia ECCB is one of the few organizations in the Czech Republic which systematically focuses on home caregivers. The Diaconia project Pečuj doma (Home Care) is focused on practical support for home caregivers through intensive consultation and homecare courses. The institute of Dignified Aging offers a foundation for inter-disciplinary cooperation of the professional public, the academic village, public managment, self-management, civic society and individuals dealing with the topic of dignified aging .