How the Diaconia Was Doing in 2015

Diak2The past year saw extensive buidling reconstruction. The  Diaconial services gained new or reconstructed spaces in Vsetín, Sobotín, Myslibořice, Kloubouky u Brna, Nosislav and Litoměřice. These are primarily homes for seniors, but there are also homes or daily centers for people with mental hadicaps. All in all, 200 million crowns were invested, mainly from funds from the European Union.

The number of registered social services of the DECCB rose a little. In 2015, the Diaconia had 134 registered services compared to 129 in 2014. Even the number of pupils in the special schools of the Diaconia rose a little: in 2015, there were 399, 49 more than in 2014. Due to the poor ability of Czech companies to employ people with  handicaps, the Diaconia started a Center to develop  social entrepreneurship.

Due to the merger of several smaller centers, two larger Diaconia Centers were created with a regional effectiveness: One Diaconia Centre in  Central Bohemia and one in Prague.

In the field of foreign relations, the ECCB Diaconia took part in these activities: a visit from the secondary pedagogical school of Diaconia Neuendettelsau in Hof; a visit from the Slovak Reformed Church which concluded with a memorandum of cooperation; a visit to the Diaconia Institute in Neumuenster; a general meeting of the Eurodiaconia and the organization of two seminars on the topics of Long-Term Care and Healthy Aging, under the auspices of this organization; a conference of the Eurodiaconia in Krakow for members of Visegrad countries on the topic of new ways of working with clients with mental illness; and a visit to the Diaconia Rummelsberg in Bavaria.