Bulletin 38 – Summer 2016

Dear readers, dear friends,

ostružinyYou’ve just opened the summer edition of the Czech Protestant News. As always, the articles included concern not only topics related to our church, the ECCB, but also to our Protestant Theological Faculty and the ECCB’s Diaconia. All of these institutions have their new stories to tell, we’ve merely recorded some of them and hope you enjoy the reading.

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I’d like to draw your attention to a few picks, but all the articles are worth a read; therefore, let me just provide a brief summary:

After six years, our dear co-worker Karen Moritz, a pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Nebraska, USA, is leaving our church’s headquarters. She’s cooperated with the Ecumenical Department, visited protestant churches in our country, and also worked as a translator, as well as giving English conversation lessons. Read our interview with Karen to find out more.

You definitely shouldn’t miss the interview with the Cuban dissident Rosa María Payá, who came to Prague in March as this year’s guest of the Day for Cuba, organised by the ECCB together with the People in Need humanitarian organisation. Rosa, a brave opponent of the Cuban regime, is following in the footsteps of her father, Oswaldo Payá, who was a fighter for democracy and a friend of Václav Havel.

We have also focused on the personality of the late Pavel Filipi;  Ladislav Beneš, a theologian and Mr Filipi’s colleague, has shared his view on the importance of Filipi’s life, not only for the Protestant Theological Faculty, but also for our church as a whole.

You will also get a brief overview of some of the activities of the EECB’s Diaconia. What this organisation does for handicapped people, elderly people, single mothers and other people in need, is absolutely priceless.

We should also point out the topic of refugees, which is becoming a more and more discussed issue and we will certainly keep coming back to it.

From our Theological Faculty, we are bringing a report from the April colloquium named Returning from the Borders, in which volunteers talked about their help for migrants striving to make their way via the Balkan route.

We hope each of you finds their favourite article! Enjoy the rest of the summer and return safely from your holidays.

PlíškováOn behalf of the Editorial Board,

Jana Plíšková

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