The Diaconia and the Church for Asylum Seekers

úvodní“The Diaconia: Opening Possibilities for Asylum Seekers” –  is the name of the project which  has been run by the Diaconia for half a year now through its Centre of Nationwide Programmes and Services. Its workers have long-term experience with migrants and asylum seekers and do their best to help asylum seekers integrate themselves into  Czech society on various levels in order to prevent their social exclusion, the growth of ghettos and other problems.

In six regions of the Czech Republic, regional contact workers of the ECCB’s Diaconia are already active or will soon start their work. They assist asylum seekers especially when looking for a job, dealing with any potential problems at school or when communicating with the authorities.  They are supported by a network of  ECCB  churches and  Diaconia  centres that offer free catch-up classes for children and adults, cooking or sporting activities and other opportunities  to help them create neighbourhood bonds and informal friendships in a new environment.

The project aims to provide long-term support for thirty families of asylum seekers. The first phase is scheduled for three years, i.e. until the end of 2019, and should include public debates with the asylum seekers for the communities these people live in.srbsko-chorvatská hranice_říjen 2015_foto Lubor Vokrouhlický (26)

The Diaconia’s Centre of Nationwide Programmes and Services has started cooperating with the German Diaconia Weiden. Volunteers from the Czech Republic helped in the Weiden refugee camp, mainly organising programmes for children.

 Adam Šůra