Border-Free Kindergarten in Cheb

000579_05_004853The Cheb kindergarten is unique among the facilities run by the ECCB’s Diaconia: it is their only kindergarten for non-handicapped children. Its key mission is to support children from the Czech and German side of the border in meeting and getting to know each other.

Learning a foreign language in a playful way and making friends with similar-aged children from the neighbouring country: that is the goal of the project called “Since Childhood”, which has been running in the ECCB’s kindergarten in Cheb for half a year now. The Elizabeth-Kinderhaus in Hohenberg, Germany, is a partner of the Cheb kindergarten. This is where last year, Czech and German children met for the first time, in order to make Christmas decorations toegether. Despite the language barrier, they were able to agree on the work procedure – teachers only helped them when they couldn’t manage.

The meetings between the children are financially supported by the Tandem Coordination Centre for Czech-German Exchanges in Pilsen. Together, the children have visited the Cheb theatre, where they had an opportunity to try on various fairy tale costumes and costume accessories. The German children have also visited their Czech friends when the Czech children were on a school trip to Libá in the West of the Czech Republic. They spent a forest hike looking for a hidden treasure, and later sat by the campfire, singing songs together in Czech and in German.000590_05_004952When the Czech children travelled to Germany, they went to a unique rock theatre in Luisenburg to see Heidi, a musical for children, and later explored the local rock labyrinth. These common adventures, which have been a big success with the children, are to continue: they should visit the Hohenberg castle and the local porcelain museum, a kite-flying trip is also planned, as well as the common celebration of the St Martin holiday, which is very popular in Germany. Before Christmas, the children can look forward to making Christmas decorations together once again.

Adam Šůra