The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Has a New Logo

logo_vertikal barevnéIn order to choose a new logo for the ECCB, a commission was put together, led by Zdeněk Šorm, a pastor and an artist, who presented the winning draft to the Synodal Council and the Synod.

He summarised the main reasons for the commission’s choice of the given logo as follows:

- It is simple, clear and witty;

- The design is professional: the logo is legible in all its versions and looks good both in electronic form and on paper with the use of classic graphics;

- It contains the basic symbols of our church: the chalice and the Bible, a clear reference to our Protestant heritage;

- It combines traditional symbols with historical reminiscences, i.e. the Bible, the chalice and the standard of the medieval leaders of the Reformation, with the modern, contemporary life of the church. The letter “E” is a reference both to the evangelical character of our church, and to the ECCB’s web presence at The authors of the logo summarised their concept in the following slogan: “Under the standard with the chalice to a modern perception of faith and life according to the Gospel”;DSC_0489- The logo leaves room for further possibilities of symbolic interpretations: the chalice evokes a keyhole that opens doors (or the Bible), inviting us to set out on a new journey; the three “bookmarks” may also be seen as the spine of a book, or they may be interpreted as a reference to the three characteristics of our church (Evangelical-Church-Czech Brethren), or yet another way – as a reference to the Trinitarian nature of our Lord;

- The simplicity of the design enables its use by amateurs, youth and children, for example at summer camps (when creating flags, gates, signs etc.), or on church notice boards; and

- It may easily be transformed into 3-D form and used on a relief, panel, etc.

A Unified Presentation of Our Church

A logo is a symbol used by a certain company or community. It works as a unifying element for the outside perception and supports the sense of belonging to the community.

I believe it would not be a good idea to force the use of the logo, however it would still be wise for every congregation to comply with its use. The aim is not to curb freedom or creativity, but to express unity.

RazítkoIt should also be noted that using the single logo certainly does not rule out portraying the basic symbols of our church, the Bible and the chalice, in a different artistic expression in cases that do not involve the presentation of our church, such as when decorating church premises, architecture, putting together publications, obituaries, etc.

Zdeněk Šorm, pastor and artist