What Can We Do for the World Around Us? Lent As a Time for Reflection

IMG_7081 náhledWhat can we do for the world around us? The period of Lent, lasting forty days before Easter, which began on 14 February this year, should serve as a time of reflection. This may also lead to a deeper consideration of environmental issues. The ECCB offers people several interesting ways to spend this time.

Every day of Lent this year our calendar brings a new insight into how to improve people’s lives and their environment. It provides guidelines for calculating one’s environmental imprint, ideas on how we can avoid dangerous chemistry in household chores, how to make a responsible choice when buying a mobile phone, or why civic involvement is a good thing. Every Sunday brings a short Biblical reflection written by a pastor.

“Car-fasting” (http://autopust.cz/) is a challenge for the period of Lent (or at least for its last week), asking people not to use their car during this time, or at least to significantly reduce the number of journeys travelled by car. In the Czech Republic, car-fasting has been taking place each year since 2011 and hundreds of people have participated in the activity. The organisers were inspired by similar challenges taking place in Austria and Germany. The newly-introduced calculator, found on the webpage, calculates the amount of time actually saved (or lost) when travelling by car.

Both activities should trigger deeper reflections on how we treat the environment. In the Biblical story of Creation, humanity is entrusted with ruling over the Earth, which means we should behave responsibly in this respect.


Both initiatives are organised by the ECCB’s Advisory Department for Environmental Issues in cooperation with the Czech Christian Environmental Network. Environmental protection has also inspired another activity called “Bike to Church”, organised by the same Department in September. On a given Sunday, people are invited to raise environmental awareness by leaving their car at home and cycling to church.