The Czech-Dutch working group

IMG_20180404_163744On Easter Monday, a Czech-Dutch working group met for the first time, which for the next three years will focus on secularization. The first joint seminar was held from 2 April to 4 April 2018 in Horní Maršov in the Eastern Krkonoše, in a building of a former parsonage, sensitively renovated and used by a civil association.

This group was formed on the basis of negotiations between the representatives of the SKGO Foundation (Kerkelijke Gemeenteopbouw Oost-Europa, i.e. Building of Parishes in Central and Eastern Europe) and the minister Pavel Pokorný. The SKGO foundation, founded as a (spiritual) heritage Hebe Kohlbrugge, is associated with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

The aim of the three-year seminar is systematically to work on the topic of secularization: how we understand it, how we reflect on it, how we experience its impact on the life of the Church, what vision we have of the Church’s life in a secular society.

IMG_20180404_144352The members of the working group of the ECCB of the Academy of Sciences, Daniel Pfann, Jiří Šamšula and Aleš Wrana met in Horní Maršov, joined by the pastors Carola Dahmen, Hanneke Allewijn, Martijn van Leerdam and Sijbrand Alleblas from the Netherlands. Most of them have their own experience as Chaplains in hospital, prison or school. The beginning of the meeting was also attended by Pavel Pokorný and, from the Netherlands, Ids Smedema and Jan Kraaijeveld.

In Horní Maršov, the members of the group had the opportunity to share experiences and examples of conflict with the secular environment. They explored the concept of this project and determined further progress in their work.

The next meeting will take place in 2019 in the Netherlands.

Jana Špinarová