Two Brand New Schools Are Becoming a Reality, a Third One is Planned

BratrskaThe Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren has founded six schools and another one is about to open in Brno. We boast a conservatory in Olomouc, we are proud of the graduates of our medical school, of our secondary schools and vocational universities with a focus on social work, and we are happy to watch the progress of the children at the School of the Brethren, so far the only elementary school. Our schools are unique in their family-like atmosphere and in the fact that they also give extra attention to students with problems. Inspections usually evaluate the ECCB’s schools as successful, as graduates tend to find jobs easily.  This may seem like a drop in the ocean of Czech schools; but we are glad to be able to make this small contribution to the Czech education system. Two of our schools have been striving for years to increase their student capacity and safeguard their existence by constructing new buildings which comply with current tuition standards. The number of people interested in placing their child in one of the ECCB’s schools is currently higher than the number of students the schools are able to accept.

Evangelical Academy in Prague

škola Spořilov vizualizaceBased on the decision of the last Synod, which approved the construction of a new building for the Evangelical Academy, the Synodal Council confirmed its intention to purchase an appropriate plot of land in Prague-Modřany. Architect’s plans were prepared and a building permit was finally granted, following many negotiations. The realistic date for the final inspection and opening of the new building is the end of 2019.

School of the Brethren

1nová bratrskáThe management of the ECCB also discussed the construction of a new building for the School of the Brethren at a plot of land close to the current location of the school in Prague-Holešovice, where their current building is occupied under a lease. If everything works out as planned, the school could finally provide secondary education, and acquire a gym and a cafeteria. At the time of the session of this year’s Synod in Litomyšl, the children from the school of the Brethren came for a trip, to present themselves to the local citizens as well as to the members of the Synod. They presented an entertaining programme in the monastery gardens with the aim of drawing attention to the school’s need for more teaching space. This would also bring more possibilities for the students’ personal development, and thus for the development of our society as a whole.

Funding for both schools

The Synod has approved the proposed funding for both schools. Apart from the funds gained by selling one of the buildings of the Theological Faculty, the proposal also counts on contributions from Diaconia’s projects and development projects, which should serve, along with an appropriate rent, to gradually repay the intra-church loan. Fundraising activities should also help produce the necessary funds.

Planned “Filipka” Elementary School in Brno

The construction of another elementary school is planned in the second largest city of the Czech Republic – Brno. A group of enthusiastic teachers is prepared to fill the classrooms with elementary school students in September 2019, provided that the necessary Ministry permit is gained and the rented building undergoes the needed renovations.

We hope that all our schools become, more than ever, centres of community life and other civic activities, promoting the good name of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren among Czech citizens.

Daniela Ženatá