Support for Nursing School students in Náchod and a new classroom. The practical nurse profession has a future

EA Náchod (1)The Social and Medical Secondary School of the Evangelical Academy in Náchod was visited by the Mayor of Náchod, the Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Jan Birke, and the Director of the Regional Hospital Náchod, Ivana Urešová. Both of them came to express their interest in graduates of our school, especially  graduates in the Practical Nurse field.

The Náchod Hospital is currently lacking in middle medical staff, according to the director. The mayor explained to the students how a super-modern hospital for 1.2 billion CZK is now being built, where they will be able to find their future profession. He aimed to motivate the students to join the Nursing Hospital after studying. He informed them about the possibility of obtaining a scholarship and about the city’s efforts to ensure that student practice in the hospital would be rewarded to some extent. The mayor will support the Evangelical Academy by investing in a school building, as it is expected that the number of pupils in the health care sector will grow.

New classroom for biology, physics and chemistry

nová učebna se žákyThe Social and Medical Secondary School of the Evangelical Academy in Náchod has a new specialised classroom for teaching the subjects of biology, physics and chemistry. This well-equipped classroom was inaugurated on  Teacher’s Day, March 27th. Students and teachers also received a new laboratory, financed by congregations of the church.

The first people in the laboratory were the first-year students of the practical nurse field. “I believe that the classroom will contribute to improving the quality of teaching and teachers will take advantage of the new possibilities offered by these premises,” said David Hanuš, the headmaster of the school. On this occasion, the representatives of the school thanked the congregations of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren who contributed to the fund for the support of ecclesiastical education. It was from this collection that the building of the classroom was partly financed.

Daniela Ženatá