Bulletin 46 – Easter 2019

Dear readers,

it is a pleasure to be able to present the new Easter issue of our Bulletin.

Apart from the latest news, we will also be looking back on two events that happened some time ago but that are very important to us.

Bulletin 46 – Easter (PDF)

We have brought information about our church’s 100th anniversary in previous issues, however the main celebration took place at the same venue and, almost precisely to the day, on the date of our church’s founding in 1918, which is why we are only providing a report with photos and videos now.

 Jan Palach. In January 1969, this name went down in Czech history as a unique phenomenon. Nearly half a year after Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Soviet-led armies of the Warsaw Pact, the student set himself on fire at the top of Wenceslas Square to protest against the atmosphere of resignation that had taken hold of Czech society. Following the funeral service at the Carolinum of the Charles University, where the academic community, along with hundreds of thousands of Czech people, said goodbye to Jan Palach, he was buried by Jakub S. Trojan, professor of the Protestant Theological Faculty, at the Olšany cemetery. You will find an interview with Jakub S. Trojan, in which he reflects on the 1969 events, in this issue of the Bulletin. The events that were organised in January this year, in front of the National Museum, to commemorate Palach’s death, were dignified, in good taste. Our Synodal Senior, Daniel Ženatý, as well as other representatives of the Ecumenical Council of Churches spoke during these events.

Dear friends, may the hope, peace and joy granted by our Lord during Easter not forsake you in the days to come!

Jana_PliskovaJana Plíšková

Bulletin 46 – Easter (PDF)