The Journey Around the Planets Begins. The “Filipka School – Learning Through Stories” has welcomed its first students

DSC_2476The seventh school of the Evangelical Academy has opened its doors to children from first to fourth grades on the first day of the new school year. The school is called Filipka – Learning Through Stories and it is located at Filipínského Street in Brno.The festive opening in the schoolyard was attended by children, parents, friends of the school, the ECCB’s partner church in Brno-Husovice, as well as representatives of the ECCB’s management.

DSC_1902After two years of preparations and countless uncertainties, the dream has become a reality. Students have arrived, teachers and their assistants are ready, the school building shines with cleanliness, the corridors are bright with interesting decorations. The classrooms are marked as planets of various colours: the space odyssey, a journey towards knowledge, begins right here.

In his opening sermon, the Synodal Senior, Daniel Ženatý, spoke of his gratitude and stressed the importance of truth and freedom, which are essential for co-existing not only at school, but also in all other areas of life.  After the opening service, which was intended both for the children and for the grown-ups, the students went to see their classes and meet their new teachers. The first day of school finished with a theatre play.

“From tomorrow, we are going to start working hard. We are about to embark on an adventurous journey, the journey of getting to learn new things. On this journey, we are going to need not only to keep an open mind, but also to be able to work as a team.” With these words, the director of the new school, Ruth Konvalinková, concluded her opening speech. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope everything goes well!

What does “Filipka” have in store for us?

DSC_1949The “Filipka” school offers an alternative educational programme for elementary school students. Each class combines two different age groups, the older kids will be helping the younger ones. Once the school’s capacity is full, each class will be led by two teachers, and an assistant where needed. Children with disabilities and from less favourable social circumstances are  expected among those who enrol. The school should later also go up to grade nine.

Once a week, the kids get to study outside, which will especially please the children who previously attended a forest kindergarten. The school has a vast courtyard and a barn, which should later serve as a set of studios where the children can experience different types of crafts. The kids should also be able to study in the large, beautiful garden of the Medical School in Brno-Líšeň, which is also part of the Evangelical Academy’s network of schools.

The “Filipka” school is established and administered by the ECCB. And why “Learning through stories?” The school builds on the Protestant tradition of deep respect for the written and spoken word. “Our aim is to educate mature readers, critical thinkers, people who are able to express their thoughts both in spoken and in written form, and who are able to communicate and get along with anyone they meet,” says Ruth Konvalinková.

Daniela Ženatá