Thirty Years of ECCB Diaconia

foto František Plzák (77)Festivities, music, interviews, reflections and screenings.  These were all part of the celebrations of thirty years of Diakonia.  They started professionally: an international seminar on values in diaconal work.  This was followed by two gatherings: in the Salvátor Church in Prague, and then in the Prague Crossroads centre of Dagmar and Václav Havel.  Music was provided by the orchestra of the Evangelical Academy Conservatory, under the leadership of Ladislav Moravetz; and by Hradišťan, a world-famous ensemble combining Moravian folklore and world music.  Taking part in the talks were International guests, clients of Diakonie and founders of the organization, thanks to whom Diakonie resumed its activities in 1989 and grew into one of the most respected care organizations in the Czech Republic.

Jiří Hofman