Bulletin 48 – Advent 2019

Dear readers,
in the summer edition of our Bulletin, I mentioned the fact that our church has lately been celebrating one anniversary after another. This autumn, we have yet another important reason to celebrate. Not necessarily a church-related one, but definitely one that concerns Christians in a fundamental way: the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which took place thirty years ago, is an anniversary that celebrates freedom. In 1989, the citizens of Czechoslovakia won their freedom, and living in freedom is certainly something we, as Christians, should always be striving for.

Bulletin 48 – Advent (PDF)

And what about today? Do we still have enough reasons to be happy? What has been lost and where has it disappeared during those thirty years? Such doubts and questions are only proof of the fact that the struggle for freedom never ends.

I am not going to go into detail describing the articles you can find in this issue, but there is one event we have reported about that I would like to bring to your attention: the new Protestant school called Filipka (the last issue of the Bulletin provided an interview with its director) opened its doors in September and its students as well as the staff are happy and satisfied with how things are going. Let’s hope it stays this way! And, I might add, let us also hope there are many other articles that you will find interesting in this edition of the Bulletin.

Advent is near, we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas, the birth of God’s Holy Son, who came to stay in our midst, to be with us and comfort us, to keep our heads above the water, and most of all, to be with us and above us as the vision of the things to come.

Jana_PliskovaWishing you the Lord’s peace

On behalf of the Editorial Board

Jana Plíšková

Bulletin 48 – Advent (PDF)