Czech Diaconia supporters help families and children. Briefly about shelters supported by the fundraiser Krabice od bot (shoe box)

10.IMG_3619At the end of last year, almost one million Czech crowns were donated by supporters of Czech Diaconia to fund supportservices for families and children. Thanks to that, the following diaconal projects will be better developed in 2020.

Shelter for mothers with children, Diaconia Litoměřice

Mothers living in a shelter find themselves in a poor financial situation. Usually, they cannot cover everyday costs of their children related to kindergarten and school. In the case of small children, this means mostly meals in the kindergartens, in the case of older children, it is mostly school supplies. But not only that –suitable shoes, glasses, payments for school trips or baby supplies also make up a considerable part of a tight family budget. The proceeds from the money raised will help the mothers and their children to afford a living similar to any other family.

Low-threshold Rubikon club, Diaconia Vsetín

10.033_1_This is an essential service in the city of Vsetin. It offers meaningful leisure time for children from Roma families, who were driven out of the city centre to inaccessible suburbs 14 years ago. Living in this modern ghetto has a detrimental effect on the children. The Rubikon club tackles this problem with a rich variety of activities. The funds from the collection will be used to equip the art workshop, pay for the music workshop lecturer, and help pay for a dance workshop.

Robinson Club of the Diaconal Christian Help Centre in Prague

This is aimed at children whose families are going through a period of crisis (divorce, poor financial situation, unmanageable problems of children in school, etc.). Regular cultural trips can provide children with therapeutic support and can work also with parents. The goal is to help  families to overcome crises, enabling them to stay together.

Assistance to socially disadvantaged families of pupils of the Rolnička special school in Soběslav

The Diaconal School Rolnicka in Sobeslav is very popular. It provides pupils with complicated types of physical and mental disabilities with very varied, quality services. However, the poor economic background of some of the pupils’ families causes them to be excluded from financially demanding yet popular school activities. For instance, one-week recovery retreats, summer camps with volunteers, dancing courses for students of special secondary schools, trips, excursions, theatre or cinema visits. Thanks to the collection, pupils from economically disadvantaged families are now included with the others.

Streetwork in Chat, Diaconia West


Nowadays, children and young people are looking not only for entertainment on the internet, but also for advice or assistance. This is tackled by the original project Streetwork of Diaconia West, operating in the wide vicinity of the city of Pilsen. Compared to regular e-counsellors, where it is up to the client to take the first step, in the case of the Streetwork in Chat project, it is a specially trained person who approaches people on social media, offers help, cultivates online communication and directs the users considerately to overcome their obstacles – either on their own or with an expert’s help.

Adam Šůra