Diaconia is Grateful for Its Foreign Support. 2019 News at Diaconia

Diaconi11.Libanon školka v uprchlickém táboře(2)a has decided to tackle its permanent lack of funding from the state by strengthening its fundraising activities. Several pilot-phase events took place in the course of 2019 and they were evaluated as successful and meaningful. They will therefore continue in 2020.  

Diaconia’s foreign friends, especially Sewickley Presbyterian Church from Pennsylvania, have provided support for Diaconia’s fundraising activities. Diaconia is also very grateful for all the other support it received from abroad. This concerns, for example, its long-term cooperation with the Italian Chiesa Valdese, which is a traditional supporter of Diaconia’s aid in foreign countries (such as Ukraine), investments and innovations. This year, the funding from the Waldensians will be used to cover the costs of the renovation of Diaconia’s Rolnička centre, among other things. Thank you!

Adam Šůra