Bulletin 49 – Easter 2020

Dear Readers, our pre-Easter edition of the Ecumenical Bulletin is ready – here it is.

Easter is an invariable – something we can cling to, as Easter happens regardless of the fact that an impertinent virus is spreading all around us. It cannot jeopardise Jesus’s power over our world.

Bulletin 49 – Easter (PDF)

Concerning the texts in this edition of our Bulletin, I would like to draw your attention to the interview with Tomáš Jun, a minister of the ECCB. Tomáš Jun made quite a daring decision to take up the job of minister at the languishing congregation in Ústí nad Labem. The changes that have taken place during the short time he has been in office so far could easily be called a miracle. For Tomáš, this was a real challenge: he did not want to see a congregation in a regional city of approx. 95,000 inhabitants disappear. Have a read about what this 34-year-old minister has achieved so far and what he is planning to do in the future. May his work also encourage us to realise that even seemingly hopeless projects may be meaningful, fruitful and fulfilling.

The other thing I would like to mention, something that is almost hard to believe, are the activities of the group called “A Million Moments for Democracy”. Two young people, the founders of this civic protest, have managed to set in motion our nation’s disapproval with the government, and namely its PM, in a way which almost seems as if taken from another era. The numbers of people attending the protests organised by this group are certainly the highest since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, in fact they are not far from reaching the massive attendance of November 1989!

Dear friends, the virus will not leave our world in ruins. May Easter bring you peace and hope that surpasses our world’s troubles in every way!

Jana_PliskovaOn behalf of the Editorial Board

Jana Plíšková

Bulletin 49 – Easter (PDF)