Round Table 2020. Foreign Partners To Support Projects Worth Over 8 Million CZK

DSC_6001From Wednesday, the 11th of March, to Thursday, the 12th of March 2020, a round table with our foreign partners took place at the ECCB’s Central Church Office in Prague. We are glad the meeting took place in spite of all the difficulties caused by the coronavirus-related restrictions. 

The meeting was attended by fewer partners than had originally been planned. Representatives of the Swiss HEKS arrived, partners from German churches in the Baden, Hessen-Nassau and Rhineland regions, as well as partners from Gustav-Adolf-Werk. These churches and organisations, together with churches from Bavaria, the Palatinate, Saxony and the German organisation “Kirchen helfen Kirchen” and “Martin Luther Bund” will support the projects of the “general church” – the education of laymen and ministers, youth activities, the position of a minister for minorities, the printing of a new Protestant hymnbook, our presence at the meeting of Christians in Graz, several construction projects of our churches, and projects of the ECCB’s Diaconia totalling an amount of over 8 million CZK. On behalf of the ECCB, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Synodal Council, the Central Church Office, the Ecumenical Department and the ECCB’s Diaconia. We are very grateful for this financial support, as well as for the discussion, in which we had an opportunity to exchange our experience and the current developments at our churches. We also greatly appreciate the friendly atmosphere of our partnership.


Jana Špinarová