Twenty years with Korean Christians in Kobylisy. Mutual enrichment with different traditions

oslava_02An integral part of the church in Prague-Kobylisy today is the community of Korean Christians. The first Korean families began to appear at services in the late 1990s, and in 1999, at the initiative of pastors Jiří Štorek and Jongsil Lee, the first services were celebrated together.

oslava_14A little later, in January 2000, an independent Korean parish was formed under one roof with the Czech parish. Therefore, there were two celebrations in the Kobylisy church U Jákobova žebříku in the last quarter. The first celebration, in October last year, commemorated the joint journey of the Czechs and Koreans, and at the same time it was an opportunity to reflect on the future of this international community, which has since been joined by Christians from Japan, Congo and other countries. The second, January celebration, was more about Korean Christians themselves. The story of their church demonstrates how it is possible to develop one’s own spiritual tradition, while being open to the traditions of others, and to be enriched by them as well. During the January celebration, the synod senior Daniel Ženatý preached.

Kobylisy, Prague, 12th January 2020

Ondřej Kolář