How do we make up for the cancelled Meeting of Christians in Graz 2020? Ostrava 2022!

3 setkání křDue to the pandemic, the Austrian organizers had with great regret to cancel the Meeting of Christians of the Central European Region, which was planned for July 3-5, 2020 in Graz. After this difficult decision, the question arose as to how to maintain the thirty-year tradition and continuity of this event so that it would not be interrupted for eight long years. The Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg had issued an invitation to another Christian Gathering in 2024.

The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren was approached by several representatives of the participating churches asking if in the meantime it might be possible to hold a smaller Gathering in the Czech Republic, with a smaller format, to bridge the period from the 2016 Budapest Meeting to the meeting in 2024 in Frankfurt an der Oder, on the German-Polish border.

The Synodal Council of the ECCB considered the possibilities and decided to accede to this request. At present, we plan to hold a Christian Gathering in September 2022 in Ostrava. Given that our church also hosts a youth convention every year in September, we would like to combine these two big events and invite young people in the Central European region in particular to take part. At the beginning of October, the first international preparatory committee was held to discuss the programme framework, the premises and the finance for the whole event. The Preparatory Committee also decided that the motto and logo of the Gathering will be carried forward from Graz and that we will be able to use some already prepared programmes in Ostrava as well.

We believe that the circumstances will be favorable for us, we trust that the corona virus will be a thing of the past and our Gathering will be an opportunity to be grateful that we can be together and to celebrate God.

Daniela Hamrová