Bachelor Studies at PTF

8. Bakalářský programThe Protestant Theological Faculty of the Charles University in Prague is now offering not only a Master study programme in English, but also a Bachelor study programme. One of the reasons for opening the Bachelor programme in English was that the applicants for the Master programme often didn’t meet one of the conditions, namely the completion of classical languages.

The Protestant Theology Bachelor study programme focuses mainly on a basic knowledge of theology and its systematic, historical and cultural dimensions. The graduates are capable of working with Biblical texts in their original languages, with the help of current specialised methods. They have basic skills in the field of the understanding and interpretation of texts (especially those belonging to the Christian tradition), and are capable of interpreting them in their relevant literary, historical and ideological contexts.

Particular attention is paid to acquiring a knowledge of the major world religions, philosophical thinking, Christian ethics and ecumenical issues.

Graduates are prepared for further academic work and the study of post-bachelor programs in the corresponding field. Graduates can also successfully enter the labour market in fields where an education in the humanities is required and a knowledge of value-based thinking and religious issues is an advantage, e.g. in the educational, cultural and humanitarian fields.

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