Becoming a student for a week

TF_social_media83 (1)It is no secret that the adverse times of the last year significantly paralyzed Czech education. Universities remain inaccessible to the public for more than a year. For this reason, in addition to full-time teaching, we had to limit all the extra accompanying activities at the Evangelical Theological Faculty. Even such a traditional event (and I dare say even crucial for the presentation of all universities) as  „Open Day“ has been moved to a virtual environment in an effort to comply with all epidemiological measures.

We were therefore facing the question of how our faculty could present its educational activities in this situation. And so, the event called „Becoming a student for a week“ was born spontaneously. As the name suggests, we opened the imaginary gates of distance learning for a week, and those interested in studying at our faculty had the opportunity to try (in the online mode, of course) all the joys and sorrows of full-time study first-hand.

As a result, more than 50 applicants showed interest in selected subjects of all departments and fields of study that our faculty offers – i.e., theological study programs, social and pastoral work and diaconics. For example, introductory courses in the study of the Old and New Testaments aroused an above-average response and the number of visitors of the lecture on the last Thursday morning of February exceeded all our expectations. The opportunity to draw new knowledge from the interpretation of our researchers, to engage in an academic discussion or just to peek into a virtual classroom, consisting of views of our colleagues’ rooms, is probably a tempting opportunity. And we ourselves were able to fully test the possibilities and limitations of the video conferencing platforms as well as our capabilities.

IMG_9240Although we hope that in the coming semester, we will have the chance to return in full force to the faculty building in Černá Street, we are ready to give applicants the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the everyday life of a student of the Evangelical Theological Faculty. And we firmly hope that some of them will find their way to join us in the future.

Matěj Bouček