Biblical colloquium in the form of a videoconference

TF_social_media19 (1)The international meeting of biblical scholars, which grew out of household seminars in the 1980s and has been held at the ETF for almost thirty years every week after Easter, had to be postponed due to a pandemic last year. This year’s meeting – XXVIII. colloquium biblicum (7–8 April 2021) – has been adapted to be held as a videoconference; the program was shortened to one and a half days.

This time, the contributions focused on biblical sections and non-biblical materials, which dealt with the figure of the prophet Elijah in its various roles and meanings. The colloquium was attended by over thirty academics, students and pastors from the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Slovakia. Although videoconferencing is not exactly ideal for seminar conferences and dynamic discussions, this time the meeting was a success – and was very intense and beneficial.

Martin Prudký