Support for Those Facing Oppression in Belarus

2. pexels-artem-podrez-5119457In early 2021, the ECCB’s Synodal Council called for a show of support for those that are facing oppression in Belarus:

„It is with utmost concern that we have been watching the grave situation in Belarus. The protests against the dictatorship-like regime of President Lukashenko have been going on for many months. Although the results of the presidential election that took place last August were clearly falsified, the regime is not willing to give in. The protesters face never-ending oppression: there are credible eyewitnesses to hundreds of cases of assaults, torture and rape.

May our own difficult situation, caused by the pandemic, not hinder our ability to see the many places in the world where people face injustice, persecution, unfreedom. We would like to draw public attention to the unfortunate situation in Belarus also on the EU level and through international ecumenical organisations. We are looking for ways to provide financial support for specific people in need,“ the ECCB’s leadership stated in January 2021.

„We are sending out a message to the people of Belarus that are in opposition to the violent regime: We are aware of your activities, you are on our minds, we talk about you and we pray for you. We are doing this publicly, so that you may be aware of our activities, so that our co-citizens will know, so that our government will know and so that people around the world, whoever might hear our voice, will also be aware,“ said Deputy Synodal Senior Pavel Pokorný, who also pointed out that prayer is the freest thinkable space.

The ECCB is keeping in touch with the Belarussian community in the Czech Republic and is monitoring the violent repressions against the protesters in Belarus thorough the Human Rights Community and with the help of Mikuláš Vymětal, minister for minorities.

On the last Thursday in March, the second Belarussian ecumenical service took place in Prague’s Salvator church. The service took place on the day of the 103rd anniversary of Belarus’ Declaration of Independence.

Jiří Hofman