Bulletin 53 – Summer 2021

Dear Friends, dear Readers,

In the Easter edition of my editorial, I was unable to avoid mentioning the topic of COVID-19. In the spring months, the statistics, in our country at least, were not looking good at all. Since then, however, the situation has improved significantly and from the information I’ve had access to, this seems to be the case in most of Europe. We have never experienced a „plague“ of this sort before, so let us hope we have also learned a thing or two from this unusual situation. And we may only hope that last year’s scenario will not repeat itself after the summer vacation.

Bulletin 53 – Summer 2021 (PDF)

But what about the other „plague“ – the one that is taking place in Belarus? Nothing has changed there since Easter and the scenario remains one and the same. There is hardly anything we can do to help these people.

We deal with both of these topics in this edition of the Bulletin: you can read about a moment of silence held for the victims of COVID-19, and also learn about two church services dedicated to the people of Belarus.

I would also like to draw your attention to the articles concerning the LGBT community. Our church cares about the community and has so far organised three discussions, which sparked quite a lot of interest.

Jana_PliskovaGood things are happening. Let us hold on to the Hope provided by our Lord and may His peace be with us all.

Wishing you all the best on behalf of the whole Editorial Board

Jana Plíšková

Bulletin 53 – Summer 2021 (PDF)