Worthwhile exchange studies!

Sofia 3The 1st of February, in the middle of the Corona pandemic, I came to Prague to study one semester at the Protestant Theological Faculty at Charles University. It seems like I brought the Swedish winter with me on my journey, since I got to experience Prague beautifully covered in snow for several days. In the middle of that, Věra Fritzová and Kristýna Kadlecová from the faculty organized a walk, passing by some historical places. That was a great start on my semester in Prague!

And this historical touch is something that I have appreciated so much with living in Prague. The rich Christian heritage makes studying theology very interesting. To study Systematic theology, from the perspective of a Czech theologian, while living in the Czech Republic, has widened my views on theological approaches. I remember that we were discussing how communism and the Velvet Revolution has affected theology, and also the way that the Czech people in general relate to Christianity. And at the very end of my stay, the 21st of June, I got to experience watching the historical film Jako letní sníh about the bishop Jan Komenský at Prague Old Square. This was on the day 400 years after the execution of 27 protestants at the very same place; an event that deeply influenced Komenský’s life.

Sofia 2Apart from the historical perspective, my courses at the faculty have been very worthwhile. The classes have been small, and it has all been online. But the topics have been interesting and thought-challenging, and it has been extremely valuable to discuss things with such knowledgeable teachers! Being on my third year of bachelor studies, this semester has taught me more than any other how to use the theological knowledge I have, in discussing relevant issues. I am very thankful to my teachers that have opened up so much space for questions and discussions, and guided us through the sometimes very complex matters. I believe that this is something that I will benefit from in my continued studies and ministry.

At the end, I am very glad I came to live in Prague, despite Corona. This way I could also experience the lovely spring and summer-start, and see a few of the amazing castles and cute towns and villages that are found all over the country. And I know that this is not the last time for me in this country!

Sofia Westerberg