Bulletin 54 – Christmas 2021

Dear Readers,

the tornado that hit Moravia this summer was unprecedented in our country. It was graded EF4, the second strongest on the scale, and the extent of the damages really was quite devastating. There are of course countries in the world where people are used to tornadoes, hurricanes and such natural phenomena and they know how to prepare for them and what to do. Not in the Czech Republic though. Hurricanes probably don’t even exist here and a tornado has occurred before, but not with such force. With the help of Mr Google, I’ve learned that a similar disaster last hit Prague in 1119 (!), as marked in the Czech Chronicle by Cosmas. Luckily enough, such terrors are often accompanied by acts of kindness that are worth remembering. The financial aid sent to the destroyed villages was immediate and its extent was as extraordinary as the strength of the whirlwind itself. I am happy to see that apart from the Adra and Člověk v tísni charity organisations, the ECCB’s Diaconia contributed a major amount. Large-scale, efficient aid was also sent from abroad, especially from German churches. The work of the above-mentioned organisations is of utmost importance, but they would be powerless without the help of civic society. The vast amounts of money that were collected by these organisations were sent by regular people from all around our country, which is something we need to be truly grateful for. Let us simple hope tornadoes do not become a phenomenon that we will have to get used to in the Czech Republic.

Bulletin 54 – Christmas 2021 (PDF)

I would also like to draw attention to the personality of Svatopluk Karásek. You will find out who he was in the article about him. I would just like to point out that his personality, his activities, and, above all, his songs influenced a truly large amount of people, certainly not just Christians. The communist regime did not break him, as much as it strived to do so.

Summer is long since gone, Christmas is near and with it the joy that cannot be taken away by a tornado or by any other sorrowful events. Let us hold on to this belief.

Wishing you peace on behalf of the Editorial Board,

Jana Plíšková

Bulletin 54 – Christmas 2021 (PDF)